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Clopin is packing his gypsy wagon and getting ready to move! He hopes to cease his wanderings and have his web page up and running by this week. Please be patient while he is in the process of transferring all his files. His page is huge and 14th century gypsies aren't all that familiar with the complexities of FTP procedure. He knows that many of the links are not yet working but he will attend to this task as soon as possible.

La Page de Clopin!!

HoND Con '99!
Clopin Closeup

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Welcome to Clopin's Page! I am Clopin, King of the Gypsies, starring in Disney's 34th animated feature, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. You can easily spot me: I wear a multi-colored costume and am often seen dancing, singing, or just plain having fun! Clopin hopes that you will enjoy your visit here-- for he shall guide you through this wonderful, wonderful place.

Clopin realizes that he is really the star of the show. His voice, provided by the wonderful Paul Kandel, brightens up the whole movie. His wardrobe is large and he is blessed with good taste. His acrobatic skills far surpass Quasimodo's. Plus, I really know how to have fun-- especially at the Feast of Fools! In addition to being such a festive character, I am an excellent story teller and puppeteer. I also lead my fellow gypsies in the secret Court of Miracles. This is where Clopin and his people can hide from Frollo's persecution. (Shhh... you must not tell...)

One might say that Clopin has dual personalities. His puppet seems to have a mind of its own. [Hello, there!] And it likes to say "dang!" a lot! [Dang!] Clopin's puppet likes to argue somewhat with Clopin; usually it results in Clopin banging the puppet on the head or smothering it with a hat. [Awww....] Clopin can not deny that the puppet is a part of him though, and the puppet definitely steals some scenes!! [hee hee...]

Clopin's Pictures of an Exhibition:

Beginning the tale...

Clopin Marching Hey now!

The tale of the mysterious bellringer...

She Ran...

Now here is a riddle...


Enjoying myself...

I'm helping Quasimodo loosen up!

I love to joke with Frollo!

Dance La Esmeralda...


Make a Face!

We Asked for the Ugliest... and here it is!

I'm crowning Quasi king of Topsy Turvy Day!

Here is an original concept drawing of me.

Here is a picture from a Disney Hunchback Story Book.

Live Shots of Me in Disneyland!!

More Live Shots of Me From Disneyland and Disney World

More Live Shots - these are of Clopin's fans.

More Live Shots - these are of Clopin together with fans who have met him.

Some items from the HoND Press kit.

More Clopin pics on the Secret Page and Below!!

A HoND Picture Gallery

An excellent collection of Clopin Pictures from Opal Romani's web site.

Sue's Les Tableaux de Clopin

More really really cool Clopin pics! Enjoy them!

Laurie's Clopin Gallery

More Clopin shots from the movie! Priceless pics!

The Voice Behind Clopin: Paul Kandel

Hear my voice!

Song Lyrics I sing:

Come read all my lines in the script!!

Forgot what I said, eh? Well, no matter. Refresh yourself with all the lines I say! (Not to mention everyone else's in the movie.....)

Clopin's Catalog of Goods!!

Here is a list of all Clopin merchandise. This is to help serious Clopin collectors know what there is to find. Page has been contributed by CSG #5. If you know of any other Clopin goods and their retail prices, email me and let me know!! Email to:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Trading Post

This is the place to go if you have merchandise you want to trade.

Clopin and Clopin Trouillefou: What's the Difference?

Is Victor Hugo's Clopin different than I? Excerpts from Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame will show the difference!

Join my Fan Club!

Want to know what CSG stands for? Join the large gathering of faithful followers of this favorite Gypsy King!! Guys and gals--come and join the club! (Site is maintained by Larissa MacKenzie)

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Want more membership to Clopin fan clubs? Here is the place to do it! Fan Club includes newsgroups, fun clubs, lists, and more! (Site is maintained by Shiri)

Come read all my Fan Fiction!!

Clopin Fanfiction are stories and series involving Clopin, CSGs, and CT's. Come read about all the missing tales of Clopin. YOU TOO can send in some of your own fan-fiction to this site as well! (Site is maintained by Sue)

The Clopin Quiz!

Take it if you dare! 20 questions to ponder over... more on the way!

Try Clopin's Second Quiz!!

More Clopin questions to answer! Test yourself some more on your Clopin knowledge!

Clopin Calender!

Birthdays, special events, and past movie premiere dates! If you have a birthday to add, please wait until at least a month before the event to tell Shiri

The Games Page!

If you have any ideas, email Irene

Color Me!!

Creative Work from Clopin Fans!

Turn in things and have them published on this page! Anything can go here: parodies, drawings, reasons why Clopin is so awesome, etc. Send your works to: Irene

Hope to see your work!!
NOTE: All CSG Fan Fic should head to the Clopin Fan-Fic Page above.

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Many more links on the Hidden Link Page! Find it! (Details Below)

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Find the secret link!

Now here is a riddle, to guess if you can.... Ahh, any adventurers out there? Come and search the pages for an extra link! Clopin has hid it but will give you five hints: 1)It is a definite link that you can access to (point and click). 2)It is somewhere on one of these Clopin pages (those maintained by Rex Huang). 3)Five or three is where it'll be! 4)It is NOT on a tiny portion of a picture.... but it could be a picture! 5)I CON't tell you anymore!

Clopin can help the extra-stumped if you email the maintainer....

Clopin Challenge!! Secret Link II!

Due to Clopin's popularity of his now not so secret 1st link, Clopin has decided to STUMP all of you with a much harder Second Secret Link! Clopin wishes you luck in finding this. The rules of this link: Click on something. That's it. Good luck. Links can be deceiving.

Hidden Link #3

Clopin is at it once again. He now has a third link hidden somewhere on these pages. Hint - you have to find the first link if you want to find the third!!!! Hidden link #2 is not needed to find #3. Appearances are still deceiving. Good luck. What!!! Impossible you say!!!! Then check here to see who has already found his most secret places. Clopin's Elite is where to find out who of Clopin's followers has found hidden links #2 and #3.


A note: As you can see, this webpage is far from finished. But be sure to come back soon-- Clopin still has more pictures to show, sounds, and lots of additions and updates. Stay tuned!! Same URL! Same Clopin place! Same Clopin time!

I must give thanks to the people that did such a marvelous job animating me. These are the people who made my antics possible:
Supervising Animator:Mike Surrey (worked on Timon, The Lion King)
Animator: Danny Galieote
Cleanup Animators:
Lead Key: Margie Daniels
Assistants: Pierre Girault
              Leticia Lichtwardt
Breakdown: Clay Kaytis
Inbetween: Cathie Karas Wilke

Seven Little Icons of our hero Clopin!!

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