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Maintainer's Note:

June 16, 1999
Two more pictures have been added to the scrapbook page of Ginni and her kids with the cast at the Florida HoND show. You can find it Here! A drawing by Rachel has also been added to the Creative page. You can fine it Here! Ten year old Rachel has been spending the week at basketball camp and decided to try her hand at drawing Clopin as one of the basketball players. Ah yes, and one other thing. A fourth hidden link has been added to Clopin's page. It is not quite as diabolical as hidden link #3 and to reward the first 5 people who find it for their efforts, prizes will be awarded this time - The Art of HOND, a Clopin tent, and other items as well. This one is honestly quite a bit easier than the others so here is the only hint (at least until the first five winners write with the correct answer). You do not need to know the location of any of the other hidden links in order to find link #4. Have fun. :-)

June 13, 1999
A new picture has been added to the scrapbook page - this one is Ginni and her kids with Clopin, Quasi, and Esmeralda at the Florida show. You can find it Here! Another picture by Arica has also been added - it's on the Creative page. You can fine it Here! It's a drawing of Clopin and Arica's gypsy character. In other news, the Fanfic page will soon become part of La Page De Clopin. Details will be coming soon. It's going to take some time to move the massive number of files and I've been somewhat preoccupied with my son's high school graduation (a party for 150 of his "closest" friends), a dance recital and piano recital for my daughter, a concert for my son's rock band, a sick bunny, and all the other stuff that typically goes on here, so the fanfic page may be down for a bit. Please be patient and I promise it will be returning soon.

May 25, 1999
A new section has been added to La Page de Clopin. It's a scrapbook page of Clopin and lucky fans who have met him at Disneyland and Disney World. You can find it Here! If anyone has a picture to add to the scrapbook, please send it to
I only use that address for photos, so if you want to write for any other reason, please use the addy. I've gotten a seperate box for pictures because my regular box is about to explode with letters I haven't yet answered. Anyone who's written lately probably isn't too surprised by that. Dang real life keeps taking time away from cartoon worship. ;)

April 22, 1999
Another picture by Arica has been added to the Creative page. You can fine it Here! Arica has been working on a series of drawings of Clopin playing various sports. This one is of Clopin as a hockey player for the LA Kings.

April 21, 1999
There are some new pictures up on the Creative page. These are of an art project that almost defies description - it's a full size automobile that has been "decorated" with a large variety of fast food toys, many of them Disney characters. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is well represented and Clopin's mask has a very prominent place, so you might want to have a look at The Clopinmobile. If you enjoy "Where's Waldo" I think you will like this too.

April 7, 1999
Clopin's page has recovered from the terrible Furby attack of April 1, and just in time too because there are some fabulous new photos of Paul Kandel at Titanic, courtesy of Amy Eland. Amy was lucky enough to see Titanic on March 16, twelve days before the show closed in New York. Come take a look at Amy's pictures, which include 2 of Paul with Amy, as well as a picture in front of the theater and one of the poster of Paul as J. Bruce Ismay.

Maintainer's note: The Furby conquerers agreed to return control of La Page de Clopin's home page only under the condition that they were granted a permanent subfile in the directory. In compliance with that agreement, the original Furby index page can permanently be viewed at:
"Ok, I posted will you furry monsters PLEASE let my Clopin puppet out of the basement......."

February 23, 1999
There's a new drawing of Clopin up on the Creative page. Look for it here. This is probably the last thing I'll add this week since I'll be away on vacation till March 9. If you have anything to send me for the Creative page, please wait till I get back since Hotmail will automatically delete large photo files if my account gets too big - and it's almost at capacity already. Thanks!

February 3, 1999
The picture of Paul Kandel from the playbill of A Christmas Carol is now up on the Paul Kandel page. Look for it here!

February 1, 1999
Not too many new things have come in for the Creative Page! in the last month - it seems that everyone has been busy with work and school and real life. But thanks to Ethel, we now have a new, very short story on the creative page. You can find it HERE, under the miscellaneous section. There will also be a new photo of Paul Kandel up this week - it's from the playbill of A Christmas Carol. He left that show before it closed to join the cast of Titanic, where he can currently be seen in the role of J. Bruce Ismay.

December 19, 1998
With the holiday season here I know everyone has been busy, and I've been no exception. So, it's probably no surprise to anyone that there hasn't been much new on Clopin's page this month. Along with the usual stuff that keeps me busy, I managed to sprain my back 2 weeks ago and that translated into even less time for the net, or for anything for that matter. As I type this my house is still decorated with witches and skeletons and I'm leaving it that way. I've often joked about having a Nightmare Before Christmas motif but I think I will seriously do it this year. It eliminates the need to clean up the cobwebs, the decorations are already in place, and there's still plenty of candy, which means there's no need to bake those high calorie Christmas cookies. I'd much rather be working on this page right now than decorating a tree, so Santa can leave the presents under the Jack-o-lantern. Ok, now that I've explained all this and feel slightly less guilty for doing so little work on Clopin's page, here's the one new thing that's up on the Creative page - and it's perfect for the holiday season. It's a Christmas wish list by Ethel with some graphics I made to go along with the list. You can find it here. If Ethel's list inspires anyone else to ask Santa for some special HoND gifts, email me at: and I'll do my best to get it posted this coming week. That's it for today - Happy Chanukah to everyone!!!

December 1,1998
A new page of photos of Paul Kandel is now up, thanks to Amy Spalding. These are pictures of Paul when he appeared in Tommy They are some of the best pictures of Paul I've seen anywhere. Take a look at Paul here, for example, and you'll see what I mean. I'm very grateful to Amy for allowing La Page de Clopin to use them. She has also been a great help in suggesting other possible sources for additional photos and information. Amy maintains an excellent site about Marcia Mitzman Gaven, who starred with Paul in Tommy. You can check it out at Journey On .

November 26,1998
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Some wonderful new art work has been added to Clopin's Page. Three new drawings can be found on the Creative Page! . The first is by Zora of Clopin in his Halloween costume , the second one is also by Zora of the puppet and the third is by Arica of Clopin dreaming. More drawings will be up in the next few days. A big thanks to Zora for scanning not only her own pictures but Arica's as well.

November 22,1998
It's been a very busy month here and I apologize for the long delay in posting anything new on Clopin's page. I'm hoping to have more free time now and thanks to Zora and her scanner there's some wonderful new art work to put up. A drawing of Clopin and Ling by Zora can now be found on the creative page. Check it out here.

Two other pictures by Zora, as well as two by Arica, will be up in the next day or two. There is also a new link on the main page for the HoND MUCK - a page maintained by Drew Palmer. And for all Paul Kandel fans - a quick note that he can be seen in A Christmas Carol in New York's Theater at Madison Square Garden until December 27th. He will be playing Marley's Ghost once again. Shiri and I had the great pleasure of seeing his performance last year and it is spectacular - so those of you in the New York area might want to check it out.

October 4,1998
Happy Birthday to Shiri - former maintainer of La Page de Clopin.

A new section has been linked to the main page. It's all photos of Clopin/HoND fans. Dana has just sent a pic of herself in her Clopin costume and I moved the photo of the California fans in costume to here as well. If you want to be included in the fan photo gallery just email a picture to:
You don't have to be in costume to have your pic included. Those new Clopin pics and the update to the merchandise page will hopefully be up later this week. I've had a lot of trouble connecting to the internet in the past few weeks - as anyone who emails me regularly has heard me whine about. Sorry about all the delays. For now, you can see those new fan photos here.

September 20, 1998
A wonderful new picture gallery by Opal Romani has been linked to the main page. Go take a look - there are great pics of Clopin as well as many of the other HoND characters. You can find it here. No one has found the third secret link this month so I'm going to give a few new hints. Here they are:

Questions, questions - use your eyes...
What is it you see to mark surprise?

The name of a song sung by Paul
"Link by Link" should tell you all

I still have to get those new pictures by Alikhat and Zora posted. - I didn't want anyone to think I'd forgotten. I also have some updates for the merchandise page - a really cute harmonica and songbook that we found at Borders bookstore. Details will be up this week.

August 31, 1998
I hope all of you have had a wonderful summer. I'm back from the last of my summer travels and look forward to once again working on Clopin's Page. Several people have written to say they've found the hidden links. Y'Dnew's name has been added to the Elite page for finding links #2 and 3. Mr. Jester has found link #2 and Carmenita found #3. I'll probably post some more hints later in the week for those of you with enough time on your hands to keep searching. There are some new movie stills that were sent in by Alikhat and Zora and those should be up in the next day or two.

August 8, 1998
A new drawing by Rayven is now up on the Creative Page! You can find it here. Rayven's name has also been added to the Elite page for finding Hidden Link #3. Several other people have written to say they've found one of the secret links. If you've found one of the links and you want to be listed among the Elite, please give a brief description of where it is. "Eureka, I've found it!" isn't enough. Not that this is any big deal - there aren't prizes given out or anything. Finally I once again apologize for the delays in getting things posted. I've done a lot of traveling this summer and some of the emails fans sent have gotten buried in my "IN" box. If you sent creative work awhile ago and it isn't posted yet, give me a reminder and I'll be happy to take care of it.

August 7,1998
A link to the Hunchback of Notre Dame Trading Post has been added to the main page. You can find it right after Clopin's Catalog of Goods

August 6, 1998
Once again I must apologize for all the delays in getting new items posted, since I was off playing in California for a week. A new award has been added to the Awards Page. I've also started a new section on the Merchandise Page. Since so many of the previously listed items are no longer available, I've started a section that notes anything still in the stores and approximately when it was found. If anyone else emails me with more information, it would be very helpful to know where (either geographically or by store name) the item was spotted.

July 19, 1998
The new drawing by Zora is now up on the Creative Page! You can find it here. Look carefully at the expression on the puppet's face - I had considered reducing the size of the picture to fit the computer screen but didn't want to lose any of that wonderful detail. There's thunder and lightening outside at the moment so I think I'm going to shut this computer before it blows up - I'll try to get all the new items for the merchandise page posted this week before I leave for California. If anyone finds any more obscure items for sale, and at this point nearly everything is obscure, please let me know where you found it as well as the price. Thanks.

July 18, 1998
Two new parodies by Marcelle are up on the Creative Page! You can find them here. I just received a great new drawing by Zora but it's now nearly 2am and my HTML is bad enough when I'm awake, so it is probably hopeless at this hour - I'll try to get it posted along with some other goodies this weekend.

July 14, 1998
Hi Everyone! After a long break for 2 vacations I'm finally back working on Clopin's page. The first order of business is to wish Rex, the creator and original maintainer of Clopin's Page, a very happy 21st birthday. None of us would be together without you Rex, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you!!!! On to business. A new picture has been added to the page of live photos of Clopin. This is a photo of Clopin's puppet, well, 3 of them actually, all dressed up and ready to celebrate at the grand opening of the new Tomorrowland at Disneyland. You can find it here. Thanks to Sue for providing that wonderful picture. In addition, a number of links have been fixed or deleted from the main page. A big thank you to Marelle for checking all the links and pointing out which ones were broken or obsolete. There's more new stuff coming in the next week - a parody, more artwork, new items for the merchandise page, a new award, and more photos. Unfortunately, Hotmail is in the middle of an upgrade so I can't access the great creative work that's stored there today. More new things should be up by the end of the week. That's it for today - see ya real soon!

June 4, 1998
Two new pictures have been added to the page of live photos of Clopin. These are from the Soundstage Restaurant at MGM Studios at Walt Disney World where character meals are held every day. You can find them here. Many, many thanks to Opal for getting those photos scanned for us. There are more on the way.

May 31, 1998
A new name has been added to The Elite page - Fantine was successful in finding secret link #2. Congratulations to her! The link to the CGB forum has been changed at Shiri's request. There is also a message for all fan fiction writers from Sue, the maintainer of the fan fiction page. She wanted to tell everyone that she has had a massive computer meltdown and due to that, the stories that had not yet been posted have been lost. Sue said to tell everyone she apologizes for the inconvenience, but if you sent her a story that has not appeared on the page and you would still like to see it posted, she would very much appreciate it if the story would be resent to That's all for this week - I've been up on a ladder painting my house so web time has been scarce.

May 24, 1998
Only one new thing today - an updated link for The Frollo Zone. You can find the new Zone here. I'm still compiling a list of HoND fans who would like to correspond with other fans. If you want to be included, write to Irene at and I'll add your name to the list. It should be up in the next week or so.

May 21,1998
Several new additions are up today. . A new drawing by Latisha is up on the Creative Page!. You can see it here . There is also a new Top Ten list by Amber on the Creative Page. Some new links to other HoND sites have been added to the main page, with more to come this week. You can now access the Clopin forum from the main page instead of having to first go to the Guestbook page. Some other HoND forums are also linked to the main page. A new page of e-mail addresses will be posted this week. If you would like your name and address included, send me a note at:

May 14, 1998
My apologies to everyone - this has been a much longer break than I intended. Medical problems, a flooded family room, and a computer that decided it didn't like my password anymore all contributed to a long delay in posting anything new for a few weeks. I think everything but the flood has been resolved so here's some new stuff. First, please note Shiri's new email address for the Calendar. There's also a corrected link for IRC. A new section with items from the HoND Press Kit is linked from the index page. You can find it here! Many, many thanks to Alikhat for providing some great pictures, especially the one of Mike Surrey at work drawing Clopin. Check out the photos of Paul Kandel that Mike has on his work table for reference. That's it for today - more new items will be up later in the week.

April 10, 1998
Happy Easter and Passover to everyone. A new drawing by Arica is up on the Creative Page!, just in time for Easter. You can see it here. Rex and Alikhat have been added to the list of the elite who found the third secret link. The lyrics to "God Bless Us Everyone" from A Christmas Carol are also up and Link by Link lyrics will be added this week. Also look for some great photos from the official HoND press kit to be up next week, thanks to Alikhat. There are some new drawings going up on the creative page too. Sorry this is all taking so long - RL has been getting in the way this month.

March 23, 1998
A new drawing of Clopin by Felina is up on the the Creative Page! You can go to it directly here. Mira's name has been added to the Elite page for her skill in finding hidden link #2. Also, the links have been fixed on the One Flea Spare page if anyone is still interested in reading a review of Paul's play from 1997. I've been slowly going through La Page de Clopin checking for dead links - if you come across any and want to drop me a line, I'll try to get them fixed.

March 22, 1998
A picture of Mike Surrey at the 1997 San Diego Comic Convention is up on the Mike Surrey page. Thanks to Rex for sending that! There is also a new page of photos of Paul Kandel as he appeared in Tommy on Broadway. I know one of the pictures didn't post - FTP to Geocities has been touchy the last few days and every time I try to send it my compter says "Uh oh" in a voice that Rachel swears is just like Clopin's puppet. The truth is, for the past half hour we keep sending the file just to hear the "puppet computer" talk. :) This is what happens when it snows the third day of Spring and I'm stuck in the house.

March 21, 1998
The announcement of the third hidden link is now on the main page. There is also a link to the "Elite" page from the main page. Two more people have found hidden link #3 - congratulations to Judge C and Therese. Clopin's Page has won another award. You can check it out on the Awards Page. Also, another photo of Paul Kandel as he appeared in Tommy has been added to the Uncle Ernie Interview page. More pictures of Paul Kandel in Tommy will be up soon.

March 17, 1998
I don't think it was my poetry that did it, but congratulations to Zora for being the first to find the location of hidden link #3. Until now the "Elite" have been listed on the hidden link pages. I thought I'd make the list public, other wise Zora would be the only one to know she found the third secret page. You can find the list of people who have discovered hidden links #2 and #3 here. I hope to hear from more of you soon.

March 16, 1998
A new drawing by Zora is up on the Creative Page!, just in time for St. Patrick's Day. You can see it here.
No one seems to have found the hidden link yet so here's a small hint. (Please excuse my poetry - it's almost as bad as my HTML.)
Heroes, links, or gypsies dreams,
Not everything is what it seems.

March 13, 1998
Four new drawings by Arica are up on the Creative Page! One of them is a picture of Clopin as a hippie. There is also Clopin as Santa, as well as Clopin and his puppet, and a Clopin valentine. More of Arica's wonderful drawings will be posted in the next few days.
Ah, yes, one other thing. I've added a third hidden link. You will need to have found the first one in order to find the third. The second hidden link is not relevant to finding the third. Don't bother sending anonymous death threats - Clopin's secret spies are everywhere and will easily find you. If you get extremely desperate, the maintainer will supply a hint or two. There will be an appropriate reward for the first person who e-mails the maintainer with the correct location.

March 9, 1998
A new section of live photos is up. It's linked to the main page. If anyone would like to contribute pictures they have taken of Clopin at the Disney parks, please send them to Irene and I'll add them to the page. You can see the first picture that's been posted, which is Clopin and friends in a lineup, HERE! There's also a new drawing by Brandi up on the Creative page. You can see it HERE!

February 26, 1998
A new drawing by Zora is up - anyone who spends time at a computer will love this one. Check it out HERE!

February 21, 1998
New computer art by Dana Rishpy, CGB #30, is up on the Creative Page! thanks to my husband who, unlike me, actually knows how to use our computer. Since I can now send images to Geocities, there will be some new pics of Paul Kandel coming soon.

February 20, 1998
A new parody by Jadzia is up on the Creative Page! Also, a link has been added to Opal's Page I'm still working on my FTP problems - new pictures should be up this weekend.

February 18, 1998
An interview with Paul Kandel about his role as Uncle Ernie in Tommy is up. Find it here! Several new pics from the show will be up this next week, along with a new drawing of Clopin by Dana, as soon as I get this FTP to Geocities worked out. Thanks for your patience everyone.

February 10,1998:
From Rex:
Hello! This is Rex Huang, creator and original maintainer of LPdC. It has been quite some time (geez almost a whole year) since I've uploaded something on the pages. As you know, Shiri is currently too busy with extra-curriculars and life to maintain LPdC and I know that it's a little sad. I hope and urge all of you to find some time to email/post a thank you for her service she has done with La Page de Clopin. She has kept full control of the pages during my leave of absence and has done a fabulous job with them. She has enjoyed her time maintaining it and I'm sure you've enjoyed the pages as well. So be sure to let her know your appreciation. Thanks Shiri!! Sadly, I won't be able to maintain LPdC during this time as well. Life is still way too hectic and I'm going through some rough times in RL. Shiri and I have found someone who will maintain the pages now. She is also a wonderful Clopin fan and good friend and I know she'll be great maintaining the pages. Please welcome her as well and be as courteous and thoughtful to her as you have been with Shiri and I. I encourage you to continue to contribute creative works/info/pictures/most anything for La Page de Clopin. LPdC is a group effort and the sharing that we've done has been phenomenal and has been the key to clopin fandom. I hope we can keep this loving and thoughtful community for years to come. Although I won't be able to work on the pages, I will try to stop by the forums once in awhile to say hello and meet new faces and hug old friends. We have all gone through so much and I cannot thank you all for the wonderful support and enthusiasm that has stemmed from all our Clopin websites. Thank you.

From Irene:
It was a little over a week ago that Rex first approached me about taking over as maintainer of La Page de Clopin. My immediate reaction was to say yes, because I knew the time constraints faced by both Rex and Shiri and I wanted to be sure that La Page continued to exist and grow. It was after I agreed to do it that the enormity of the task set in - first because the job done by my predecessors was so wonderful that I had much to live up to, and second because of what La Page has come to mean to me, and to us all. Rex's Clopin page was my very first contact with the internet and Rex was my first "on line" friend. It was with his encouragement and help that I created my own web page about Clopin at Disney World, and having that page led to some of the wonderful people who are now such dear friends. So Rex and La Page de Clopin hold a place very close to my heart. Acting as maintainer of LPdC is both a labor of love and a sacred trust to me. I hope I can live up to it. I have told Rex, and it is an opinion I think most of you would share, that this will ALWAYS be Rex Huang's Clopin page. I consider my post as maintainer to be a temporary one, no matter how long the duration. That said, I also in a sense consider it everyone's Clopin page because it is the page that drew so many of us together. So while I will be the one responsible for typing the HTML tags, I hope that everyone who reads this will send their suggestions and ideas for what they would like to see added to the page. It belongs to us all.