Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Deep within the jungles of India lie the remains of lost civilizations, reclaimed by the jungle and forgotten. Intrepid field archaeologists explore these vast green reaches, searching out the secrets of the ancients in the name of learning.
Sometimes they get more than they bargained for.
Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. recently discovered a temple to the god Mara that has caused quite a stir. Mara, apparently associated with the sun or the seasons, was apparently a generous yet touchy diety. To look into his eyes was to be doomed; yet those who pass his gaze with their own averted would be granted incredible gifts. These legends have sparked a furor unlike anything seen in years, with hundreds of tourists treking the now well-worn path to the Temple of Mara (dubbed the Temple of the Forbidden Eye by some dramatic journalist) in hopes of receiving the fabled gifts.
We are not going to discuss the credibility of such claims, though the rumors of both the riches and perils of the Temple are somewhat validated by the golden artifacts and deadly traps that litter its chambers. However, we have collected information the reader may find interesting - and the traveller may find lifesaving.

Correspondence - The story of what is currently happening at the Temple, a collection of letters and telegrams put together by Barjesse. The documents are still in the upper chambers of the Temple, if you wish to view them in person.
Translations - The walls of the Temple bear many inscriptions in Marabic. Barjesse and myself have translated each of them for the benefit of English readers. His notes on the translations accompany the manuscript.
Marabic Font - Typesetters may be interested in this font, with which Marabic may be printed.
Temple Motifs - A discussion of the common motifs in the Temple, including an odd notion referred to as "Hidden Mickeys" by some of the excavation crew.