Motifs in the Temple of Mara

There are several motifs in the Temple of Mara, some more obvious than others. The most obvious recurring theme is summed up as, "True rewards await those who choose wisely." That's right, it's an AT&T ad, and it appears in both English and Marabic in various places.
Perhaps the next most obvious motif is that of the gifts' symbols. The amulet with the eye on it symbolizes future knowledge. The pitcher represents youth and beauty. The bowl (usually overflowing, like the pitcher) represents earthly riches. These are found throughout the queue and ride, whether together or, where appropriate, individually. For example, the pitcher is engraved over the drinking fountains.
The Eye of Mara is ever-present as well. The Marabic letter that translates to our Arabic "I" looks like an eye. The "M" symbol, displayed at the top of this page, looks much like an eye if turned sideways. The Avenue of Voices and a strip just outside the Temple each have a row of sideways "M" characters, and a common misconception is that they are lopsided "I" petroglyphs. The Eye of Mara appears repeatedly in other ways, of course, and much more literally. Inscriptions and carvings both refer to it in no uncertain terms as something to be avoided.
Lastly, there is the curious case of the Hidden Mickeys. In Dr. Jones' office can be seen a pair of stylized mouse heads: One is on the cover of Life Magazine, and the other is the pull handle for the rollup map.
There was a Mouse Ears hat (skullcap with plastic ears) stapled to the head of one of the skeletons which are painted on the wall of the Skeleton/Wind Chamber. It was near the exit to the room, and the embroidered name on the hat was "Bones." A common rumor is that it disappeared only when a Cast Member Lead, clearing the ride's path of objects dropped by guests, noticed it. Deciding that it was a gag by other Cast Members, the Lead tore it down.
That same chamber includes a trio of skeletons that swing down at the left side of the cars. The one on the right is looking at his watch. A Mickey watch, yes.