Tomorrowland Renovation

So what does this revision entail? Unfortunately, much of what is known is now moot.

The original plan included a new Skyway and Peoplemover, and several more significant additions as well.

The project was, until recently, called Tomorrowland 2055. It was a Vernesque concept, as opposed to the late 70's (Star Wars) style of the current Tomorrowland. The entire land was to be reworked, and I believe that this much is unchanged. It is the style used in Florida and Paris.

The first attraction at Disneyland with an age limit was to be Alien Encounter, housed where Mission to Mars once was. The age limit was due to the scary nature of the show, which included your host being eaten by aliens. This attraction is already in use in Florida, I believe.

Raised walkways, called the Skywalk System, were to connect the main areas of Tomorrowland, perhaps including the planned upper level of Tomorrowland Terrace. If this is eventually built I have great confidence that it will be a nuisance to traverse as most people will block traffic by gawking.

The Carousel that was first the Carousel of Progress, then America Sings, was to be reborn again as Star Palace, an alien variety show. Evidence of the renovation of this facility is easily seen at the moment... but who knows what it will be?

All of the above was classified (and may still be considered so), but "due to changes in market conditions" Disneyland cancelled the Tomorrowland 2055 project and has come up with a new plan. Holmes and Narver, the same engineering firm that was to perform the Tomorrowland 2055 renovation, has been selected again for the new plan. Unfortunately, they are very tight-lipped about the whole thing.

Much better information has been gained from the Imagineering staff:

The Carousel
The Skyway
CircleVision 360
The Peoplemover
Mission to Mars

In related news, a second destination will finally be installed in Star Tours, in 2000. This one is reportedly a trip to Tattooine, and has also reportedly been complete for years.

The renovation as a whole, publicly called "To the Future and Beyond," is scheduled to open May 23, 1998. At last word, it was on schedule.

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