Who Are You?

So who is this guy who's so interested in the odd and obscure side of Disney?
Yes, I'm a two-card-carrying, always-there-for-events, Mickey-all-over-my-desk Disney freak. Who's my hero? Goofy. But I don't stroll the Park wearing a hat covered in Disney pins, I know (for a fact) that Walt's not frozen to return like King Arthur someday, much as either might be needed, and I'm not a 99er. On the other hand, I do know some unusual facts about the Park, fun and little-known things to do there, and ways to make it generally more fun. I'll continually update these pages with new information as I find it. That goes for The Scoop as well, where I list anything about the future of the Park I can find as well as the truth about its history.
The pages on obscure facts about Disneyland are presented in conjunction with Barjesse, with whom I've collected much of the data.
In spite of my admiration of Disney's accomplishments, I'm not a paid employee of the Disney corporation nor any affiliate. The facts and opinions are strictly unofficial, even (and sometimes especially) when completely accurate. Some graphics may be adapted from Disney sources, and are here to pay respect to the artists they represent.
Don't you just love disclaimers?
Enjoy the pages. Drop me a line if you like. Have fun.