Tarzan's Climb to Adventure

Recent visitors to Disneyland have noticed that the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse has been partly dismantled (the entire top third of the tree was sitting in front of the rest, and completely defoliated), and the remainder is being refurbished. What's happening is the first permanent installation in a long time to do with a new animated feature.

The Treehouse, never the best crowd draw in the park, is to be replaced by something much more elaborate. A smaller tree will connect to the redesigned original tree via bridge, and visitors will apparently climb stairs around the smaller tree (sitting by the bridge over the Pirates line) and cross the bridge to the larger. A show based on the new Tarzan movie may take place in the back of all this, and will probably involve the trees as well.

The new attraction is being completed fairly quickly, as it's scheduled to open at the same time as the movie, in mid-June.

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