The Disneyland Sign

The sign and marquee which graced the main entrance to Disneyland's parking lot has been removed. The original sign, which went up with the opening of the Park in 1955, and the original marquee, added in 1958, were replaced in 1989 with a computer controlled sign and marquee featuring animated "Welcome" messages in numerous languages and pointing out special events and park hours. Another big plus for the electronic sign was that it no longer had to be changed by hand. On Monday, 6/14/99, that sign was brought down and over the course of the next two days all trace of it vanished. Its site has been absorbed into the new California Adventure area.

Of course there will be a new sign. Don't panic.

Whether even its designers know what it will look like is the object of much speculation, but a source says that it will be located at the entrance (formerly an exit) on the West side of the original parking lot, and should arrive next year, when the rest of the area is pulling together. The new spot is the nexus of the Disneyland Resort, where Disneyland, The California Adventure, the hotels, and Downtown Disney all meet. This widens the options for what it might look like. Stay tuned. I'll find out as soon as I can.

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