Jungle Cruise

A round of firings has brought a lot of attention, little of it positive, to one of the most beloved attractions at the Park. To make a long story short, management strongly limited the jokes useable on the ride, and when some skippers noticed that the guests didn't enjoy it as much and rebelled, they got fired. Someone, under the name of Trader Sam (the headhunter toward the end of the ride), has been publicizing all information about this snafu, including information the Park would like to keep under wraps. Rumor has it that Trader Sam may be a dissenting member of management. In any case, I support him.

To make a short story long, check the Orange County Register article on the subject, if still available. Quite a lot has been written and said about this lately, and as things become more lucid I'll update them here.

You may also want to see the collection of Jungle Cruise Jokes put together by a fan of the ride. It includes both officially sanctioned and skipper-invented lines, and is fairly comprehensive.

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