Disneyland Hotel Renovation

Among the changes slated for 1999 for the Disneyland Hotel is the removal of the front parts of the street-facing building. The Monorail Cafe, the Neon Cactus - all are going to be demolished, but not rebuilt into the new Disneyland Drive. Memorabilia is available for both, but going fast, as it will be collectors' fodder very soon. The removal will take place sometime between now and the beginning of September. Some of the bartenders, waiters, etc. are going to be moved into the Lost Bar and other areas of the rethemed hotel area (see below), but the rest...

The entire center area of the hotel is being reworked right now to a Neverland theme. Most of the shops that are essentially unchanged are being renamed anyway, and a great many areas are being replaced entirely, with The Lost Bar, etc.

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