Festival of Fools

The Festival is no more.

In spite of numerous protests by both Cast Members and guests, the last day of the Festival of Fools was Saturday, April 18, 1998. The reason is unclear. It drew good crowds repeatedly and had a sizeable group of fans who attended on a regular basis and bought any memorabilia available.
One observation may shed some light on the problem: Against any obvious logic, the last day was a Saturday. Why not go the full last weekend? For one thing, Sunday was the beginning of a new pay period. They would have had to cut a check for each performer for just that one day. In this way are decisions made.
Many of the performers may be seen in the show that opens the Fantasyland Pavilion, "Animazement," comprised of parts of various Disney animated features. The Festival stage area, according to several sources, will be converted lightly into an area for corporate picnics and similar events.

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