Carnation Cafe

In the recent renovation of the west side of Main Street, the old Carnation ice cream parlor was removed. The space it occupied was combined with the Blue Ribbon Bakery (which mostly sold frozen yogurt) and then split into three sections. The outside area is now the Carnation Cafe, a little place with a simple menu, no indoor seating, and a rather nice wrought-iron-looking fence around it. The entryway is directly off of Main Street, whereas before one went inside first.

Most of what was the indoor area of the parlor is now the Blue Ribbon Bakery, which is now actually a bakery. Any number of goodies and sandwiches can be bought there, along with an array of cappucino-related drinks. The only seating is by the windows facing Main Street. Some of the bakery equipment is at the east end of the area, and guests can often watch the bakers going about their business, similar to the windows into the work area of the candy shop.

The area that was the frozen yogurt shop has been expanded and beautified with the antique soda flavor tap. The menu is largely the same as before.

According to one of the bus men at the Carnation Cafe, the waiters think the menu needs some revisions, and the guests like the old food, so rumor has it that there is going to be some adjustments made to the menu, like the addition of hot meals. Personally, I'd be ecstatic to see the return of the Portobello Mushroom Sandwich. On a related note, the dishwasher doesn't like the menu because the new food clogs the drain.

The biggest loss, from most anyone's standpoint, is the removal of the themed sundaes from any and all menus. Depending on the outcry (all change brings some complaint) and how well the new Cafe does, we may or may not see their return. Don't hold your breath.

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