Disneyland's 45th Anniversary

2000 is the 45th anniversary year for Disneyland! Naturally, many events and special promotions are in the works. The predictable slogan for the event is "45 Years of Magic." Two different images have been spotted to represent it, one featuring the Fab Five and the Castle, the other showing Tinkerbell flying above the slogan, puffy clouds in the background. I suspect one will become the predominant, but that's anyone's guess at this point. For certain, a theme of stars, clouds, and other celestial imaging will be seen throughout.

The parade ("45 Years of Magic Parade," of course) will feature a new Blue Fairy float (the original seen in the Main Street Electric Parade and later, reworked to head the Mulan parade), a float for Fantasia 2000, and six others. Audience interaction is planned for the 72 performers - characters and others - and the aforementioned starry theme will tie together the varied themes of the parade.

The theme continues with "Believe ... There's Magic in the Stars," the new fireworks show, which reportedly will include some new kinds of fireworks not seen before at the park. Other special sightings at the Disneyland will include the return of Mickey's Matterhorn climb.

Those of you who brave the madness of New Years Eve at Disneyland will be among the first to see the 45th Anniversary merchandise, Cast Member tags and other associated bits and pieces, as that is the day it's all set to debut.

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