How to Get Around at Disney Data

Navigation at Disney Data is pretty easy: just point at what you want to see and click! There are two kinds of features here, and each has its own kind of link. Locational features, that is, items which have a corresponding place at Disneyland (California, USA), are generally noted with a colored dot:
Note that some dots have a number in them: These are dots from the original Today At Disneyland brochure the main graphic was created from which have not been assigned a Locational Feature as yet. Fear not! They haven't been deserted, and each and every dot will eventually have a Feature behind it. Just not yet. Your cursor will probably also let you know whether something is "clickable" or not.
Features which have no specific location (or which are very noteworthy regardless) have been given a rectangular sign to mark them. For example: Click on these and you'll get to one of the Special Features.
Below is the Directory, with which you can locate whatever you're looking for at Disney Data. Just click on the item in the list and the map will point you there. No matter where you go, you'll find something new, unusual, and fun! Enjoy your stay at Disney Data!

The Disney Data Directory