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Send a postcard to your friends! It's free and easy, and features images and artwork found only at Disney Data! The cards are stored in a non-indexed directory so only you and the recipient will know how to find the card. This directory is also pretty secure from spammers, so send your card knowing you will not end up on any junk list.

Simply choose a card and fill out its details, then click the button at the bottom to be shown a preview. If you don't like your card, you may edit it and then send it, or just cancel the request. The recipient will receive e-mail advising where to find the card.

Step #1: Pick a Picture
Select a picture from the list by clicking on its Radio Button. Click on the miniature picture itself to see the full sized version. You might want to do that before filling in any information on this page, just so you do not risk losing your work after returning from viewing the image.
The Moonliner
Send a postcard that's also a toy! The Moonliner postcard can be printed and folded into a miniature of the Moonliner model available at Disney Data, itself a miniature of the original Moonliner at Disneyland.
Temple of the Forbidden Eye
Adventure and excitement await at the Temple of the Forbidden Eye for any who dare to enter. Send greetings from the depths of the jungle with our genuine sepiatone postcard! Sure to invoke the envy of any safe, bored suburbanite.
Tarzan's Tree, Under Construction
How do you say, "Looking forward to a swingin' time"? Do it with our Tarzan: Coming Soon postcard, another exclusive from Disney Data!
Greetings from the Virtual Court of Miracles
Is there any good noose tonight? Want to tell someone, "Wish you were (virtually) here"? Or do you simply need to make an announcement from Clopin's platform? Any way you look at it, this view of the Virtual Court of Miracles' main entry, as seen from the platform, is the way to get your message across.
Greetings from the Virtual Court of Miracles
The view from the middle of the Virtual Court of Miracles gives a comfortable feeling to all of Clopin's hidden tribe. Send a postcard from this most secret of homes.
Send this striking image of one of Disney's greatest villains, Judge Claude Frollo, direct and exclusive from the Frollo Tribute at Disney Data. We leave the possible sentiments to your imagination.

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